What is Probate Real Estate and How to Invest in It

The real estate world is full of new and interesting ways to invest money. It’s a great place to build your wealth provided you invest your money cleverly. Investing in probate real estate is one thing that has great potential for real estate investors. With motivated sellers, investing in probate properties is one of the best ways to cut great deals.

However, you have to bear in mind that the entire probate process needs to be done with a heavy heart. Someone has passed away and their property goes into probate, the legal process to decide what is to be done with the property and how it is best utilized in the future.

What is Probate Real Estate and How to Invest in It

What is Probate Real Estate?

Probate is the legal process that determines the fate of properties after the owner passes away. If the owner has left a will, then the home will directly pass onto some heir mentioned in the will. If no such will is made, the court decides what will be happening with the property. Most of the time, if some heir wants to keep the house and the others don’t, the court decides to sell the property and distribute the profits among the heirs.

However, often we find that the heir or heirs do not want to keep the property. Keeping the home can become a burden for the heirs. This might be due to the fact that they live outside the state, or are unwilling to pay the taxes or other costs associated with a home. This is where real estate investors stand a chance to cut incredible deals because the sellers are motivated to get rid of the property fast.

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How to Buy Probate Real Estate?

Several investors often get confused regarding where they will get authentic probate real estate leads. But it isn’t that difficult. At times, the local county clerks place newspaper notices depicting the list of properties that will go through the probate process where the assets of the deceased will be divided accurately, with or without will. You may inquire from your county clerk if this type of list is available anywhere.

There are even some companies that sell probate leads that they have acquired. You can find some leads there as well. The process of buying a property in probate can vary. As an investor, you can send a letter to the executor of the will who is in charge of the estate. Often this can lead to a private negotiation and you can get the property at much lower than market rates that way. The low rates of probate properties are due to several reasons.

The very first reason is the sellers are almost always motivated to sell the property, otherwise, it becomes impossible to divide the property equally.  You, as a real estate investor, will often help the selling process to go down smoothly and quickly and that too can help in lowering the price. The extra work (such as clearing the house) that you as a buyer will undertake can also be a reason that you can get hold of the property at much lower rates.

Thus, probate real estate can present extremely lucrative opportunities for real estate investors. Particularly if there are not too many moral issues regarding the sale, the process can go down smoothly. Often, the heirs are motivated to sell the house and you, as a real estate investor can take advantage of this fact to cut great deals.

The process, though, might have to be done with a heavy heart, but it is necessary as well. You are providing the heir of the property (who is reluctant to keep it) the chance to get rid of it at the same time gain money. Thus, you can see that buying properties on probate can really be a great chance for investment and you are not only helping yourself but also the heir.