Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Wedding Day

A Hindu wedding also  known as Vivaha in Sanskrit or Lagna. The hindu wedding ceremonies are colourful and vibrant, The celebrations continues for several days.The bride’s and groom’s home starting from entrance to doors and walls and floor or roof are decorated with flowers colors, balloons, and other decorations.

Things To Keep In Mind While Planning Your Wedding Day

Make Your Guest List

Pare down your guest list with the “tiers of priority” trick. Place immediate family, the bridal party and best friends on top of the list; follow with aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends you can’t imagine celebrating without. Under that, list your parents’ friends, neighbors, coworkers and so on. If you need to make some cuts, start from the bottom until you reach your ideal number.

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The One Takes You To The Another

If you want to plan your wedding on your own then this trick can be helpful for you. You must know that one vendor takes you to another. Your wedding photographer must know about a good florist and your reception manager must know about the band who takes care of the dance floor.

Keep Aside Some extra Money

While planning your expenses you must keep the ratio of various expenses strictly like this: It must contain 48 to 50 percent of total budget for all the events, The 8 to 10 percent of each must go for décor, attire, entertainment and music. For photography, videography and choreography the 10 to 12 percent of your money be kept aside , If you can keep your invitation and gifts simple then each will take 2 to 3 percent of your budget, Some money must be kept aside if you want a wedding coordinator for a day or two.

It’s important for you to understand that you might have to spend on some surprise expenses like printing extra invitations because of mistakes or getting additional tailoring or umbrellas for a rainy day and ribbons for the wedding programs.Thus keeping 5 to 10 percent aside is a good option while planning your wedding.

You Must Clearly Discuss Your Vision

Your top wedding planners should be the one with whom you can discuss easily your vision about your wedding as how you want it to go and your vendors must be able to guide you what they can do and what they cannot within the available budget.For example : If you want some special flower décor or a different item in food you must be able to clearly define it.Thus hand over your wedding day responsibilities to your trusted vendors.

Maintain Your Cash

The Wedding budgets are all about how you balance . You must start your budget planning by noting down a checklist of the important details like the music, your wedding dress, the invitations, décor and the photographer, and start by assigning a number to each one of them and mention three least important things. Thus start by Investing your money in your number ones and cut corners on your last threes.

You must understand that everything cannot be given or treated as First preference . For example, if a designer gown and fabulous food are on your top list then you may have to go for simple invitations and small floral arrangements.

Maintain Emergency Contacts

Keep emergency contacts handy with you if some vendors cannot make it happen at the last minute.

Take Someone on Shopping Who Knows Your Taste

You must not go to dress shopping on your own as after a while all the dress will have a same look and you will not be able to decide what is best on you. So be  bit careful about with whom you come. If your mom or sibling can’t help you out then you must take a friend who is truly honest.

Cut Out the Last Minute Unnecessary Work

When it is the last month of your wedding and you have  look at your mile long list to do then cut the less important stuff to do.Do not cut the important ones like such as picking up a band of your choice or confirming final details with all the vendors. You can remove tasks in the end time like gifting hand paintings or “Just Married” signs or baking cookies for all .These things may take up a lot of your time which you cannot afford to spend.

Have Some Extra Dates With You

Keep some extra dates for your wedding so that you can easily decide wedding venue and vendors. Take into consideration other viewpoints also. You may come across some dates which are scarcely available or their prices  are higher, You will surely get a price differences between venues and vendors among different seasons.

Go Through Every Part of the Contract Carefully

Before you sign on any paper, you must have taken a detailed look over the whole contact. It is necessary to check what services would be given if meet any exceptionable event.The contract must have the details of  date, location, time, additional fees .If it do not contain the complete details then you cannot be protected from certains things. Be aware of the parts of the contract which says you cannot review the vendor after their service or change in services .

Thus  here we tried you to give some key takeaways of the things to keep in mind while planning your wedding day. We hope they will help you in some way or the other.