5 Ways to Make Money By Driving Your Private Car

Besides a high-quality house, a private car is one of the most valuable possessions a person can have. Both in terms of monetary worth and usefulness, it surely is precious. If you have yours, then that’s awesome! You are experiencing its fantastic benefits! From dodging the hassles of commuting to being able to travel locally anytime you please, you certainly are thankful for the gift of a private car! 

Purchasing rates and maintenance costs are no joke though. Even when you’ve already been the owner of your car for years now, still, you need to take care of it, pay for car insurance and spend money on upgrades you wish to do. This goes to show that owning a private car is ensuingly costly. You can not have money because you’re like raising a child when you have your own car. 

Make Money By Driving Your Private Car

Good thing, you can use your car to help your finances too! Owning a personal vehicle introduces you to opportunities of earning money. Well, you don’t really have to sell your car to do this; rather, you can help other people who need specific car services while they help you profit in return. You yourself can drive your car, so you’ll be assured that it’s safe and so you can provide assistance to people first-hand!

Come on car owners, make better use of your private vehicles and of your driving skills. Here are 5 ways to make money by driving your private car. 

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1. Food Delivery Services

Make Money By Driving Your Private Car

People love food. You seldom see someone who hates eating. Especially when the food is appetizing already by its looks, no one can resist the charm of food. Actually, food unites the world in so many ways, and it’s just amazing!

Help people unite through food and be the bridge that unites people and food! You can do that by being part of the booming industry of food delivery services. 

This is one of the most popular jobs in the whole world because a lot of people prefer having their food delivered to their homes rather than leaving the house to buy it. Others are inside their offices, so when they’re too busy to step out of the building, they order online or make a phone call to order their lunch or dinner. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, food delivery services have become even more important. Truth be told, they have become one of the top necessities in these times when people should stay at home if there’s nothing essential to leave the house for.

Use your private car to deliver food to people’s homes or workplaces. Because the requirements are mostly simple and the duty itself can be learned easily, you won’t have a difficult time. Be a part-timer or a full-timer. Of course, you need a professional driver’s license. Don’t forget to submit all the documents requested by your local authorities and by the food delivery services you’re particularly applying for. 

Also, if you have your own food business or if you have a friend who manages one, then you can work for them by picking up and delivering their clients’ orders. This would require more considerate demands since you personally know the businessman you’re working under. 

Knowledge of using digital applications and gadgets is a must. You need it because people order and drivers deliver with the inevitable help of these devices.    

2. Elderly Car Services

Make Money By Driving Your Private Car

While youngsters below the permitted driving age are too young to acquire a driver’s license, some elders might be too old to drive themselves even if they have a license. You have known about school bus services for sure, but have you heard of elderly car services? If you haven’t yet, then it’s a great chance to get to know what they are about! 

Basically, being an elderly car service driver is all about transporting our beloved senior citizens to and from their desired destinations, using your private car. As you know, a lot of the elderly members of the community need assistance moving around the city. They need a helping hand in going to various places. 

Some of them use their smartphones and car services applications, while some are accommodated by their own family members. Some ride by themselves. Others ride with a companion, yet nevertheless, guide and aid your elder passengers.

If you want to drive for senior citizens in your city, you have to be ready to accompany them entering and exiting your vehicle, especially when they’re alone and not very physically active. Be gentle and kind. Be patient as well because some elders are more sensitive than you know. 

3. Bridal Car Rental

The most remarkable day in a couple’s life is the wedding day. It’s the grandest date to save! Every moment is special, and every detail of it is priceless. 

If you want to be part of such a monumental occasion even for people you don’t really know, offer your private car for a bridal car rental! This is one of the most unique ways to earn money with your own vehicle. It’s a beautiful day to remember! How delightful it is to witness the union of two hearts loving each other as one! Even if you’re not related to them in any way, it’s heartwarming to be the one to drive the beautiful bride to her handsome groom! 

Bridal cars are pretty, clean and elegant, so make sure your car fits the qualifications. Frequently, wedding clients choose white-colored cars. White represents purity and peace; it looks neat and sophisticated. That’s why you’ll have an edge when offering a bridal car rental if your private car is white. On the other hand, silver and black are other common options.  

4. Driving Mentoring Services

Do you want to share with others your knowledge and skills in driving? Do you want aspiring drivers to learn the basics and complexities of the road? Or maybe you want to help long-time drivers sharpen their skills behind the wheels? Go and launch a driving mentoring service. 

Look for nearby driving schools hiring new drivers who can teach people how to drive and how to do it correctly. You need to have a professional driver’s license to do this, a vehicle in perfect condition and a lot of patience and teaching abilities. Yes, you need to be patient because people have varying learning capabilities. Some learn quickly while some slowly. You can’t be harsh or intimidating, so that your students won’t feel great pressure and cause mishaps on the road. 

Take note that if you’re going to register your private car for driving mentoring services, you should be ready for risks because different people who start from scratch in driving will use it. Of course, you’ll be beside them all the time as their mentor, and an extra footbrake will be installed on the passenger’s seat where you’re sitting, but there are instances when student drivers’ mistakes aren’t managed quickly by mentors due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Make sure you set terms and agreements straight with the driving school regarding measures in case your private car obtains damages while on duty. Car insurance is important as well, so secure it.

5. Car Pooling Service

Make Money By Driving Your Private Car

You’re living in a neighborhood where a lot of kids study in the same school as your kiddos. Offer car pooling services! It enables you to do business at the same time you’re taking good care of your munchkins!   

Speak with your fellow parents. You may not personally know each other, but be nice and kind to introduce yourself and let them know that you want to help busy parents safely drop off their kids to school while not running late to their office. You can particularly do this if you’re a housewife/husband. But even if you’re an employee or a self-employed businesswoman/man, as long as you have flexible time, why not? 

For car pooling services, set a particular schedule for the kids to gather together in a shaded space within the village. That’s when and where you’ll pick them all up with your kids, then you’ll all ride to school. If you have a lot of time in the afternoon or during their dismissal time, you can fetch them as well. 

As a parent who drives children to school through car pooling services, you will gain the trust of your neighbors who are parents like you because they know that you’re a responsible parent, thus their laddies will be in good hands. If you’re a friendly parent with many friends in the subdivision, you have credibility and can have referrals! Meanwhile, if you’re not a parent or not yet one, you can still do this. Just be extra kind because kids, especially the little ones, can be naughty and playful; some may be hard to find in school whenever it’s time to go home. 

Lastly, don’t forget to drive carefully and safely when you have kids on board! Well, whoever your passengers are, you have to be a disciplined driver.   

Drive And Earn

Oh, wow! There are so many fantastic ways to make money while driving your private car! Furthermore, these methods aren’t only benefiting you but most especially other people who need these significant car-related services. It feels pleasant to be helped while you help! 

What’s more terrific is that you can lessen the costs with tax depreciation benefits you can eventually claim in the future. When you use your private car for business purposes, you will be a candidate for tax deduction opportunities. Particularly if you’re driving your private car after registering to work under someone’s business, you will be entitled to these advantages! Nonetheless, even your self-employed business is qualified given that it meets the legal tax depreciation requirements. 

Make sure that you can drive skillfully and safely and that your private car is in its best state. When you have these along with the paper documents that various car services necessitate, you can immediately apply for them. Enjoy how your private vehicle is twice as beneficial to your living! Drive and earn as you do hospitable things for people!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. Nicole is a daytime writer for Depreciator, an Australian-based company specializing in tax depreciation schedules. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.